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🎇Join our joyful community | 加入我们的社群

🌅Blissful Universe🌄是一个私密、安全的线上社群。它的初衷是为了满足无处释放的分享欲。社群成员每个人都拥有自己的频道,可以发布无关紧要的琐事、吐槽(比如切菜切到手了);也可以分享无处可放的知识输入(比如读了一篇文章,目前没有什么感想,但是还是想记录下来)。它具有以下特征:
🌅Blissful Universe🌄 is a private and secure online community. Its original intention is to satisfy the desire of sharing. Every community member has his/her own channel. You can post trivial feelings (such as cutting the hand) and share your inputs that can not be put anywhere (such as reading an article, currently no feeling, but still want to record). Our community has the following features:
  • 🌟强交互性:不同于SNS中关注者和被关注者的单向性,在频道里,其它社群成员不仅可以点赞,也可以随意发言,回复。当然,每个成员拥有对自己的频道的自定义权限,可以设置他人只能表情回复不能发言。
  • 🌟Strong interactivity: Unlike the one-way relationship between bloggers and followers in SNS, in channels, other community members can not only make reactions, but also send message and reply freely. Of course, each member has the permission to customize their own channel, setting others to only be able to respond with emoticons and not be able to speak.
  • 🌟私密性:为了保证成员可以安心地分享任何内容,加入社群有一定的门槛。目前初期阶段完全是邀请制,都是Sunshine视频聊天或者实际见面过的朋友。
  • 🌟Privacy: In order to ensure the freedom of sharing and expression of members, there are requirements to join the community. At present, the joining system is completely based on invitation, all of them being friends who have met Sunshine on video or by chat.
In addition to the members’ channels, there are also various public text and audio channels, suitable for special moods to share.
Members can initiate activities, voice chat, and video chat freely. Additionally, Sunshine will periodically host online meditation and yoga sessions.

Introduction of Channels (only visible by community members) | 公共频道介绍(仅社群成员可见)

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🧡Heartful Lounge | 心灵休息室
#✨inspirations-灵感 Sparks of life in daily life | 日常生活中的灵机一动 #🫂emotion-情绪 Tree hole for pouring out your emotion and healing each other | 随意宣泄和互相治愈的树洞 #🤍thank-you Expressing gratitude to all the beings in the world | 传达对世间万物的感激
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—- 🌻SHARING | 分享 —- Record daily Input #🎨visual-视觉 Every static frame. | 一切静止的 #📸snap-流光 Everything captured. | 一切被捕捉的 #🎵voice-声音 Everything conceived from ears. | 一切听觉的 #🫴touch-触觉 Every interaction. | 一切交互的 #📝words-文字 Everything abstract. | 一切抽象的 #🔭tools-工具 Everything helpful. | 一切有帮助的 #🥦food-食物 Everything consumed. | 一切吞下肚子的 #🏃health-健康 Everything about us. | 一切有关我们的 ❓wonder-思考 Every unorganized thought. | 一切未理顺的

How to join | 加入方法

At the beginning of the establishment of the community, the conditions for joining are at least one offline or video communication with Sunshine, and sympathize with the concept of connecting people with small community.
If you meet the above criteria, you can directly contact Sunshine to grant community members in any form. If you don’t meet yet, you can book a conversation with me through this link!
如果您满足以上条件,可以直接以任何形式联系Sunshine赋予社群成员。 如果您还没有,可以通过此链接预约与我的对话!

Sharing Showcase | 分享事例

From Sunshine’s personal channel
From Sunshine’s personal channel
From Channel “health”
From Channel “health”
From Channel “Emotion”
From Channel “Emotion”
From Channel “Visual”
From Channel “Visual”

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